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Product Recommendations

This section is for Travel Ideas:

If you plan on travelling with your puppy on a regular basis, we recommend a car seat!  This is a great, inexpensive option.

Another car seat option!  It's comfy and washable!

This is a 3 in 1 option.  A stroller, a car seat and a carrier.  The stroller also folds up.  

If you plan on flying with your pet, you will need a soft sided carrier.  These are made to fit under the seat in front of you.  I've used this one several times.  It works well! 

Another option is a carrier that is expandable so you can let your pup stretch out during any layovers.  If your puppy isn't fully vaccinated we advise against letting their feet touch the floor in an airport.  

I'm going to link to a few strollers.  If you want a way to take your baby out before it's fully vaccinated this is a great way OR if you want to take your dogs out without fear of other dogs coming up to them you may want to consider a stroller.  This is the least expensive option on our list.  

This is a multifunctional three-wheeled stroller. The pet rest area is covered with breathable nets to enjoy the fresh air and protect your pets from insects. Equipped with a storage basket for easy storage of items. The pet stroller can be folded easily and compactly enough to fit into the trunk of the car. It is a great choice for walking, jogging, and traveling. Bring your pet to enjoy outdoor activities with you.

This is the most expensive option and has lots of good reviews.  Again, if these options aren't what you're looking for click the button below for more options! 

If the above options aren't your cup of tea, click here to peruse tons of stroller options!

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