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Guardian Program

A guardianship home is a forever home for the dog but they are on contract to be available to us for breeding as needed. Requirements of the guardian include:

1.) Living within 45 - 60 minutes of Easton or Middleboro, MA

2.) Staying in contact with us (it’s like a partnership)

3.) Crate training 

4.) Puppy classes

5.) Keeping the puppy/dog insured 


In return we also offer you a few perks including paying you a fee for every litter produced, getting a puppy or dog quicker than our normal waitlist and getting our pick of the litter or choice dog!  We are looking for guardianship homes for future puppies and also for 1 adult.  The adult information is below.


Winston is a sweet young male. He came to us from another breeder that, upon his arrival, we found out didn't treat him well. He is so sweet and loving and adjusting well to family life. He barks at young boys (my boys are 8 and 10), so older kids, or girls or no kids would be ideal. He would love another dog to play with OR an owner who is home with him most of the day.  He is a very sweet boy and has so much love to give.  Could you be his human? Additional details are included in the documents below and are specific to Winston.

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