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Guardian Program

What is a "Guardian" home?

The guardian program allows us to grow our program and continue to better our breeds, without sacrificing any of our dogs' happiness and need for love and attention. While we want to keep all of our dogs with us, we understand that they may be happier with more one on one attention than we can give them.

As a guardian home, you are the permanent home for one of our breeding dogs while they are in our program. Once they are retired (and spayed/neutered), full ownership transfers to the guardian family and they get to keep the dog forever.

Becoming a Guardian Home gives you the opportunity to have one of our puppies or young adults as a family pet (at a greatly reduced cost) while he or she remains in our program!

By offering the guardian program, we are able to ensure that our dogs get to live the best possible lives in a loving, caring home where they receive as much one on one attention as possible and already live with their forever families.

We are looking to expand our guardianship program in 2024.  A few requirements of the guardians include (see the contract for all requirements):

1.) Living within 30 - 45 minutes of Easton, MA

2.) Staying in contact with us (it’s like a partnership) and sending pictures

3.) Bringing the dog to us when needed for breeding.

4.) Keeping the puppy/dog insured 


In return we offer you a few perks!  The perks include paying you a fee for every litter produced, getting a puppy or dog quicker than our normal waitlist and getting our pick of the litter or choice dog!  We are looking for guardianship homes for future puppies and also for 1 adult.  The adult information is below.  If this something you may be interested in, please contact us!


Please reach out to me to discuss further! Text: 508-801-1912 OR reach out via Facebook messenger.

Winston is the SWEETEST boy. He came to us from another breeder that, upon his arrival, we found out that they didn't treat him well. He is so sweet and loving and has come a long way since he arrived. He is crate trained.  He would be best in a home with no young boys.  He barks and is nervous around young boys (my boys are 8 and 10), so older kids, or girls would be ideal.  He would prefer (though not required) to have at least 1 sibling.  He's always been around other dogs so he may be happiest with a friend.  He will also do best in home where his human is home most of the time.  He is an intact boy so he will most likely have to wear a belly band to prevent marking.  That may lessen when he's not in a home with intact females.  He is a very sweet boy and has so much love to give.  Could you be his human? Additional details are included in the documents below and are specific to Winston.  Bonus for Winston ONLY: His yearly vet exam, bordetella, dhppv and rabies vaccines are included when they're needed and his annual fecal and 4dx at cost from our vet.  

Future Puppy-
Please reach out to me to discuss further! Text: 508-801-1912 OR reach out via Facebook messenger.

We are hoping to place one of Peanut's puppies in a guardianship home.  She is a smooth coat, chocolate and tan, piebald, female.  If you'd like to be her guardian, please reach out to discuss and for details!  Specific details do differ per puppy/dog.  The best part is that there is only a short wait for this beautiful baby!

We are hoping to keep back a puppy from Willow's, our standard girl, next litter.  This puppy will be a long hair, standard.  Color TBD.  If you may be interested in being a guardian for this puppy, please let us know!

We are planning on keeping a puppy from Malibu's next litter.  This will probably not be until next year as she needs time to recover from her c-section.  This puppy will be a long hair, mini or tweenie, female.  Color/Pattern TBD.


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