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  • How do I adopt a dog?
    If you're interested in adopting one of our dogs and being added to our waitlist, please download our application, fill it out and email it back to us OR send us an email and we'll send you an application. We will review it within 14 business days. (We're very busy with kids, dogs and our day jobs!) If approved, there is a non-refundable $150 fee to be added to our waitlist. This fee goes toward your puppy deposit ($300) when we have a puppy for you. (So, you'll only owe $150 towards the deposit.) However, if you chose not to purchase a puppy from us you forfeit your $150 waitlist fee.
  • How do I join your waitlist?
    To join our waitlist you must submit an application, have it approved and pay the waitlist fee. The fee goes toward our puppy deposit when we have a puppy for you but is non-refundable if you choose not to purchase a puppy. You can either download our application from our website or send us an email (that's the preferred method). If you email us, we'll send all our info (including price range) and a blank application and contract. The contract is just a fyi. We have all puppy parents sign that on pick-up day. We only include the contract, so you understand your obligation when purchasing a puppy for us and it talks about our health guarantee. Unfortunately, we've recently increased our waitlist fee. If you want to join our waitlist the fee is $150. We had to increase our fee because too many people were joining our waitlist and not following through with purchasing a puppy. We ONLY want serious customers on our waitlist. We plan our future litters based on the waitlist (long vs smooth, patterns, colors, etc.) and that's how we give future customers an estimated time frame for a puppy. If the waitlist isn't accurate than we potentially loose new customers who don't want to wait and we don't produce what our real customers want. The waitlist fee is non-refundable if you choose not to buy a puppy from us. It does go toward our puppy deposit when we do have a puppy for you.
  • How long is your waitlist? OR how long is the wait?
    Great question! First, our waitlist isn't per litter but in general. We put all your must haves into our waitlist and it's organized first by application date. When we have a litter we start at the top and match puppies based on must haves. If you say you only want a female and we have a male, we will not contact you. Our best guess at the moment is that we'll have available puppies this coming Fall/Winter. The wait depends on what the people in front of you on the list choose to do (the most difficult to predict) and what we get (color, pattern, sex, hair length) in a given litter, both out of our control. We know what to expect in each litter but never what, exactly we'll get. Honestly, people are the hardest part to predict because often times when we reach out they will choose to pass or come off the list. This is why it is SO important that you stay in contact with us and communicate if anything changes. We base our pairings on what the waitlist wants. The more specific your request / want the longer it will take. The more open you are to hair length, sex, pattern, size and color, the quicker it will be. We can never guarantee timing unfortunately. Right now creams and dapples are very popular and our wait for those is probably longer.
  • What color, coats and patterns do you breed?
    We only breed long and smooth coat Dachshunds. We breed all colors except dilutes (so no blues or isabellas). We breed black and tan/cream, chocolate and tan/cream, creams (both shaded and clear creams) and reds. We breed dapples and piebalds and soon possibly brindles. We don't breed wire hair Dachshunds.
  • How do you accept your deposits?
    We accept PayPal, Venmo or personal checks for deposits.
  • What if I don't live close and I'd like to adopt a dog?
    Unfortunately, we don't ship puppies. However, we are willing to meet you at a local airport (Boston, MA or Providence, RI) for a fee. We can also recommend a flight nanny. The cost depends on where you're located. However, it usually runs around $500 - $550 but lately it's been more due to high airfare prices. We will not ship our puppies via cargo.
  • What food do you recommend?
    We use Canidae All Stages Chicken. We will give you a small bag (3.5 lbs - 4 lbs) at pick-up to get you started. Your puppy should stay on puppy food for the first year of their life. If you'd like to use a different brand, please use the bag we give you and slowly transition to the new food.
  • What treats to you recommend?
    We love Zuke's mini natural treats. Their small size is perfect for puppies. The key thing is to not give your puppy all it's calories in treats. You want a small, low calorie treat for your puppy as you're training them!
  • How do you crate train?
    Crate train can be a challenge but it is the safest place for your puppy when you're not there. There are many helpful articles on google. The beginning may sound like your puppy is dying but I PROMISE they are fine! We recommend calling their crate their home and giving them a treat every time you put them in it. This will help them have a positive association. We will give you a Kong and Kong filler at pick-up. We put the filler in the Kong and freeze it during the day and give it to our puppies at night when the go in the crate. It takes longer for them to eat it and occupy them. I also suggest using the crate to help aid in potty training. If you take them out and they don't potty, bring them in and put them in their crate. Wait 30 minutes and try again. If they potty, give them a treat and praise them and let them be in the house! All our puppies sleep in crates beginning at 3 weeks. I know that many of us are working from home due to Covid (the only good thing to come out of it). The temptation is to snuggle a new puppy all day long. However, if you plan on returning to work, you should still crate your puppy for a few hours every day while you're home to keep them used to the routine (or to create the routine). This will help lessen any separation anxiety when you do return to work or on date nights or when you go grocery shopping, etc.
  • What payment do you accept at pick-up?
    We only accept cash on pick-up day. Just like you, we too are wary of being scammed. We've had checks bounce and have heard stories of money being pulled back from electronic sources. Therefore, we only accept cash in hand on pick-up day.
  • How long is your wait list? OR How long will my wait be?
    It is impossible for us to give an accurate time frame. That's because our waitlist isn't linear. It goes by everyone's very specific requests. Some people only want smooths, others only longs, others only smooth coat, dapple, females, etc. The more specific your request the longer the wait will most likely be and the more open you are, the quicker it will be. We never know if a litter will take and if it does what we'll get in terms of how many, sex, color, pattern or coat even though we do know the possibilities are. Further, we never know when our girls will go into heat. Most come in every 6-9 months but sometimes it's later. It's not an exact science. Lastly, we never know what those on our waitlist will choose to do. Sometimes we have a puppy available and when that happens, we advertise here, our Facebook page or AKC marketplace. We know that's not the answer anyone wants to hear but it's the best we can give. What we can tell you, is that our puppies are worth the wait!
  • How do you socialize your puppies?
    We have 3 children that interact with our puppies to help socialize them. We also purchased Puppy Culture. Unfortunately, Puppy Culture is a full time job and we do work day jobs. So, we pick and choose from Puppy Culture and do the best we can with our puppies. We start with Early Neurological Stimulation. We do sound exposure exercises. We do scent exposures. We introduce new toys and experiences to the pups to help prevent them from being scared of new things and experiences. In essence, we do everything in our power to make sure you're bringing home a well rounded puppy. However, it only starts here. You have to continue to socialize your puppy when you bring it home.
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