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About US.

My name is Becca and I've owned dachshunds my whole life.  My Mom loved the breed and passed her love down to me.  We had at least 2 standard, smooth coat, reds growing up.  They were both named Heidi, so it felt like one dog that lived a VERY long life.  As soon as I graduated college I bought my first Dachshund, Ellie.  She was my baby before I had my own babies.  Ellie moved with me from OH to MA when I got married.  She's in most of my daughter's baby pictures.  She was the best dog.  She eventually passed due to cancer in October of 2014.  


When Ellie passed we had a very difficult time finding a reputable local breeder.  We had no idea where to look.  We stalked AKC marketplace.  We searched google and newspapers with no luck.  That is when we first thought about breeding.  (It was my husband's idea!)  We decided that since we love the breed so much combined with the lack of availability in our area, we would become breeders. Dachshunds are such a fun breed and bring so much joy to life!  We love everything about them from their short legs to their big personalities!  We started with 2 Dachshunds (Oscar and Frankie) and we expanded from there. We've learned a ton along the way and have made improvements.  As we learn more, we do more.  One of the best parts of being a breeder is having an excuse to have several Dachshunds! 

My Mom, Penny, has always been a big part of my love of Dachshunds.  Not only did she introduce me to the breed, she also lived with us and helped us when we started breeding.  My Mom was able to retire early so she was home with the dogs while we were at work.  She loved them so much!  She would nap with them, watch tv with them and make sure they always had plenty of toys and treats (way too many treats).  She passed away in 2018 due to breast cancer. We miss her every day.  I'm so thankful my Mom shared her love of this breed with me. 


Now I have the luxury of working from home so I can spend lots of time with the dogs and puppies.  My kids and husband all help so it's truly a family affair.  Our dogs really are ore pets first.  They have the run of the house and sometimes I wonder if the dog or the kids make a bigger mess!  I prefer to buy to dogs toys as they appreciate them more than the kids do!  We hope you'll let us share our love with you.  Contact us today!      

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