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Upcoming Litters


Sunny x Juniper

Expecting all long hair Creams



(Shaded and clear cream expected) 

These pups are expected to be tweenies.

Due: End/April


Sato x Summit

Expecting all long hair clear Creams


These pups are expected to be 11-15 lbs.

Due: End/June

Summit 2.JPG

Expected Litters
(Timing is our best guess, these litters have NOT been bred)

1.) Emory x Riley expected May/June

All Long Hair

Black and Cream, Black and Tan, Red

Choclate and Tan, Chocolate and Cream, Cream

Solids, Piebalds 

Tweenie Sizes

2.) Layla x Domino expected May/June

Long and Smooth Coat, Black and Tan, Black and Cream,

Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate and Cream

Red and Cream, All Piebald

Mini Size


3.) Penny x  McButterPants expected June/July

Smooth and Long Coat

 Black and Cream and Cream

Solid, Dapple or Pie

Tweenie Size

4.) Willow x Goofy expected June/July

All Long Hair

Black and Tan, Black and Cream, 

Chocolate and Tan, Choclate and Cream, Cream

Solids only

Tweenie/Standard Size

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