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This section is for TOYS!  Your puppy will need different toys to stay entertained and to teeth on.  These are a few of our favorites.
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This is hands down my dogs' favorite things to chew!  They're great because they're soft and won't break their teeth and they love to chew them.  In full disclosure, they are a little stinky when they're being chewed.  However, I'm willing to deal with a little stink to make them happy!

Nylabones are also a fan favorite here.  This is a great option because it's a variety box!  You should have a nice variety of soft and hard toys.  

More Nylabones!  These are great for puppies.

Bully sticks are an awesome treat for puppies and dogs.  This one comes with a holder to help your dog hold it.  I think it makes it easier for them.

This a bully stick holder without bully sticks!  Again, highly recommend these!

This is a classic kong.  We give one of these to all our puppy parents.  We use them to aid in crate training.  If you don't have one, you should get one!  All my dogs love chewing on these, especially when it has a treat inside.

This is a kong filler.  We also give a can of this to our new puppy parents.  We recommend putting a little in your kong and freezing it during the day and giving it to your puppy at bedtime.  Since it's frozen it will take them longer to eat and hopefully entertain and tucker them out.  

This is a fun puzzle.  Keep you pup entertained and on their toes with toy!  And they get a treat when the solve the puzzle.

It's important to have mix of hard and soft toys.  We like these because they keep our dogs busy and last quite a while.  These are best for older pups / dogs.

How cute is this?!  It's 2 toys.  That's all I got for this one!  I'm a sucker for a cute fox.

My dogs love this one!  It has a "handle" so it's easier for them to chew.  We have a few of these because they were all fighting over it!  

Dachshunds LOVE balls!  Mine would tear the fuzz off tennis balls so we moved to these.  If your dog likes balls then they should love these.  (They make a "thrower" so if want to add a fetch element to you play look for it.  You may also be able to get these at TJ Maxx or Marshall's.)

I had to add this one.  It's a little pricey but its fun to get a surprise every month.  I think their toys are always super cute!  

I love these little guys!  Sometimes we put them in our go home bags.  They're small so they're perfect size for your new puppy.  

This is a love it or hate it toy.  We have one that our puppies are exposed to.  Some love it and others don't!  I'd say that my adults are he same way.  A few really love it (they love all balls) and others want nothing to do with it.  It makes silly noiese as it rolls.  

I love puzzle toys for the dogs!  They have to figure out how to get the treats out!  Keeps them busy and out of trouble!

This one is a snuffle mat and puzzle all in one!  

This is a snuffle mat.  You hide treats and your dog has to find them.  You can also use it to feed your dog if you want or need your dog to eat slower.  Make dinner time fun!

We love the Snuggle Puppy!  It isn't a miracle worker but can help aid in crate training.  We use them for new puppies we add to our pack.  It has a heart beat and heat pack.  We definitely recommend if you don't have any other dogs at home.  We love it so much it's listed in our shopping section and under gear!

This adorable duck has crinkle and no stuffing to provide your four-legged friend with an interactive chew toy that makes noise, keeps them engaged, and puppy's tend to love!

This is super cute 2 pack.  It has both crinkle and squeakers.  My dogs love to play tug-o-war with these!  

This toy came highly recommended for aggressive chewers.  I haven't tried it yet but it's in my cart!

Amazon has a TON of awesome toys for your new puppy or faithful friend that can be delivered right to door your door.  Check them out here!

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