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Product Recommendations

We get asked about supplies and products for new puppies all the time!  We've tried to create a list of supplies you may want to consider for your new baby or existing Dog.  Just click on the images to purchase or add to your cart!  Check back often as we're updating and adding items all the time.  Some of these are items we use and other are suggestions from our puppy parents.  Obviously, these are just suggestions and ideas but since we get asked we wanted to add this for you!   

(Click the pictures to shop!)

We believe in crate training.  The first step is to have a crate.  This is the one we use and is the perfect size for your Dachshund.

We love free feeding!  These make our life so easy!  We use these with our puppies while they're here.  

Our dogs love to burrow.  This is by far their favorite bed.  We have several so you'll see more than one in this list but if you Doxie likes to be under a blanket then you need this bed!  AND it's washable which is a bonus!

We love these because they help your puppy learn how to get on and off the couch safely.  They are plastic so they aren't easily chewed up and can be wiped down if necessary.  We have this brand in our living room.  I'll link to a few different ones in case you prefer a different height or material.

These stairs are slightly more expensive than the ones above but they have lots of color options.  They too are plastic so are hard to chew and are easily cleaned.  Just wanted to give a few options!

This is an adjustable ramp.  My son has this in his room to help the dogs get on and off his bed.  It's just another option to the stairs.

If you choose not to free feed, this is a great option that helps contain the mess!

Dachshunds are known for having issues with their teeth as they age.  We highly recommend brushing your dog's teeth on a very regular basis.  The key thing is that you have to use special toothpaste.  People toothpaste is toxic for dogs.  This is a great kit to get you started!

We often given nail clippers in your go home bag.  If you ever cut a little too much, this powder will stop the bleeding.  It's a good thing to have on hand.

This is a great harness and leash.  The harness comes in several sizes and colors!

We love the Snuggle Puppy!  It isn't a miracle worker but can help aid in crate training.  We use them for new puppies we add to our pack.  It has a heart beat and heat pack.  We definitely recommend if you don't have any other dogs at home.

This is an elevated pet bed.  I love these with puppies as it's very difficult to tear these apart (which is what happens to the cuddly beds I buy for puppies).  They can be used indoors or outdoors.  The fabric can be taken off and washed if necessary or just hosed off.  Mine love these.

Life Vest.jpg

We highly recommend a life vest if you're going to be bringing your baby onto a boat or if you love water sports.  Better safe than sorry.  This is cute and functional!  Make sure you get the right size.  

This is a crate mat.  It fits over the plastic liner at the bottom of your crate.  Just make sure to get the right size for your crate.  I like white so I can see if they have any accidents.  I actually don't recommend these until your puppy is 100% kennel trained and doesn't have accidents in their crate.  Until then, an old towel is best for easy washing.  I buy the cheap white towels from Wal-Mart.  I like these for my older dogs.  

You may want to consider an airtight, food storage bin.  We have one and use it all the time.  Just an idea!

Dachshunds are known to be lickers.  I have had some lick more than others.  This is a great option to let them lick something that isn't you!  It's a good enrichment item.  

This is an inflatable collar.  When your pup is neutered this is a great alternative to the cone of shame.  Because Dachshunds have such short legs the cones are difficult for them.  This allow them to walk and move normally and prevents licking.  This is also great if your pup has allergies.  It helps prevent them from licking / itching.  

We don't recommend spaying your girl until close to 2 years.  This will mean that she will most likely have at least one heat cycle.  These are great female diapers to contain the mess of a heat and they're very stylish!  They're my favorite girl diapers and of course I have them in multiple sizes!

When your pet has their spay or neuter this surgery suit helps to prevent them from licking their wound.  We use this combined with the inflatable collar to ensure they can't get to their incision.  What's really nice about this one for girls, is that you don't have to take it for them to potty.  

If you've been on our facebook page then you will have seen bands on all our boys.  Belly bands prevent my boys from marking in the house.  They can be used during potty training, if you have a male dog that marks or your dog has incontinence issues.  I like these one because they have an extra pad in to absorb urine and wick it away from their skin.  These are great if you have boy dogs!

These are bells for the door.  They are an excellent training tool.  You can use them to teach your puppy to tell you when they want to go outside.

This is a bitter spray.  It can be used to help deter your puppy from chewing things you'd prefer them not to chew.  Distraction and redirection are best at helping to prevent your belongings from being chewed up but this can help too!

If only I had stock in poop bags!  These are a necessity!  Do you enjoy long walks?  If so, your 4 legged companion will love to join you.  When they relieve themselves it's common courtesy to clean up after them.   

Poop Bag Holders!  Great for clipping on your purse, belt loop or leash.  That way you have easy access to pick up after your baby.

This is what we use to bathe all our puppies.  We love that it's tear free. 

Your furry friend will never go thirsty on the go. It's perfect for walks, hikes, and travel, making it an great addition to your dog's walking accessories. 

Dachshunds shed.  They are obviously the are the best breed ever but they do shed (we call it their glitter).  When they do, these are great to remove all the Dachshund glitter from your clothes!

All puppies and dogs have accidents.  When they do, this is one of the best cleaners.  We use it and it comes highly recommended from our other puppy parents.

Ok, so this is not a need.  However, its a nice to have.  It's an easy way to clean the pee out of your carpets.  It's great for spot cleaning.  We actually had one of these but once we started breeding we upgraded to an industrial one!  lol

I like these coats because they don't have arm holes.  These fit our Dachshunds really well and are easy to put on.  

This stuff is great if your pup's paws are chapped or need some extra moisture.  

What pet owner doesn't want to be able to check on their pet when they're not home?  This is a really cool camera because it can throw a treat to your dog.  I have a few friends who have this and love it.  

We use a Nest camera for our puppies.  I have Nest doorbells, so this was easiest for me.  You can talk to your dogs and it's portable so you can set it up where you'd like.  

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