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Product Recommendations

This section is for Dachshund related merchandise!   We've included some of the props we use during pictures, shirts and other stuff we like!  Who doesn't want all the Dachshund stuff?!  Click on the pictures to purchase!

All you need is love.png

We use this sign to take pictures of our puppy!  When it's not being used as a prob it's proudly displayed in my kitchen! 

Do you need a new tumbler?.... probably not.  Do you want a new tumbler?...of course!  I thought this was cute and glittery.  If you're anything like me then that's right up your alley or maybe your friends!


Ok, I'm not sure if this smells good or not BUT it's cute so I'd be willing to chance it!

This is a giant sleep pillow!  If you dog didn't take up enough space on your bed this will take up the rest!  It can double as a cute throw pillow for you bed and also something to cuddle with at night.  

Stick Notes.jpg

This is a 12 pack of Dachshund themed sticky notes.  A must have for any home office!

I'm a sucker for stickers.  I have these all over my laptop and use them when I send letters to family.  


I love Dachshund jewelry.  This is a cute one size fits all ring.  My daughter has one and loves it.  It's not fancy but it's also rather inexpensive. 

I had to put a tumbler up for all the Dachshund Dads!  I love metal cups.  I thought this perfect for any Dachshund Dad out there!

Mouse Pads.jpg

Are mouse pads still a thing?  I really like this one!  Can you tell I have a home office?  And it's it's decked out in Dachshund stuff!

I'm a sucker for these metal signs.  They crack me up!  I have this one up in our bathroom.  I have 2 boys....I'm not sure if they find it amusing but I do!

Metal Sign.jpg
Metal Sign 2.jpg

Same but different from above!

Ok, this is the last metal sign 'll post for a while.  This one is super cute and would look nice in a laundry room or guest bath! 

Metal Sign 3.jpg

My husband bought me this shirt as a gift.  It's one of my favorites.  It's soft and washes very nice.  I want to buy it the other colors!  Highly recommend

I love crafts and what's better than a Dachshund themed craft?!  I'm planning on getting this for my daughter for Christmas and if she doesn't like it then I'll be happy to steal it!  

Drink beer.jpg

And for the men in your life! This is more of a gag gift.  My husband was gifted this shirt and enjoys wearing it when we have people over (insert eye roll here)! 

This one comes in Men's and Women's cuts!  Need a matching shirt for you and a friend!  This is funny and perfect!

Drink Beer 2.jpg

I couldn't not add a sweatshirt (or a few) to this list!  Comes in different colors!  

Options are great!  If you like this t-shirt maybe you'll love the sweatshirt version!  It also comes in a few colors.

I have this in a slightly different version.  It reminds me of when I was kid!  The kids love it when I wear this!

I just love this one.  And with Fall/Winter upon us, it's a great option!


I crack myself up!  This coffee cup just makes me laugh!  I hope you laughed too...if not... keep scrolling, I'm sure there is something you might like here!

I thought these were really cute.  It's a 2 pack of frosted pint glasses.  I think I have a think for drinkware! 

Pint Glasses1.jpg

Thees are the matching tumblers to the above glasses.  I love them!

This is also a frosted tumbler but it has a different pattern.  I love them all!  They make stemless wine glasses too in case you want them all!

Luau Tumbler.jpg

Need a place to hang your keys or leashes?  If so, here you go!  Show your Dachshund pride with this cute piece.

We use a letter board for our 7 week puppy pictures.  I think this is a cute prop for pictures.  I know it's not Dachshund themed but I wanted to add it.

Find more cool Dachshund things here!

There are so many cute baby themed Dachshund clothes and stuffed animals.  I couldn't help myself from making a whole section for KIDS.  

Look how cute this swaddle is!  Baby and Dachshund NOT included!

This is another Dachshund swaddle blanket.  Wish these were around when my kids were babies!

You child will look awesome in this Dachshund outfit!  I wish they made it in my size.  I'd totally rock this!

This romper comes in different colors or as a onsie.  

Do your speak French or love France and Dachshund?  Well, then this is for you or your baby!  So cute!

Another very stylish onesie.  I wonder if they make a matching adult one?!  

Okay, this actually looks even better in person.  I think I've bought at least 6 of these.  Some were for my kids and others were for gifts.  AND I have inside knowledge that the quality of their products is top should buy 3-4!  

I got this puppy for my birthday.  It's bigger than the M&D one and much more squishy.  I love them both.  

Same Jellycat puppy as above but in Black and Tan!  The classic Dachshund!

I know this is the third Jellycat Dachshund but she's wearing a sweater!!!  They have a chocolate one with a yellow sweater too!

This is a stuffed animal that's also a tooth fairy pillow.  The tooth fairy will be sure to find your child's tooth if it's in here!

This is the last stuffed animal, promise!  Is there a child in your life with dreams of being a Dachshund breeder?  Or maybe a veterinarian?  Then this is the dog for them!  This gorgeous Red mama gives birth to a solid chocolate, sold blue, red and an extreme pie baby!  

This is a carseat cover or a nursing cover.  They also have a boy print.  I love it!

This is a gender neutral Doxie blanket.  I love the dot texture fabric on the back.  

There are soooo many cute Dachshund blankets and throws!  This link has several!  Check them out.

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