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Product Recommendations

We get asked about supplies and products for new puppies all the time!  We've tried to create a list of supplies you may want to consider for your new baby or existing Dog.  Just click on the images to purchase or add to your cart!  Check back often as we're updating and adding items all the time.  Some of these are items we use and other are suggestions from our puppy parents.  Obviously, these are just suggestions and ideas but since we get asked we wanted to add this for you! 

We believe in crate training.  The first step is to have a crate.  This is the one we use and is the perfect size for your Dachshund.

We love free feeding!  These make our life so easy!  We use these with our puppies while they're here.  

Our dogs love to burrow.  This is by far their favorite bed.  We have several so you'll see more than one in this list but if you Doxie likes to be under a blanket then you need this bed!  AND it's washable which is a bonus!

We love these because they help your puppy learn how to get on and off the couch safely.  They are plastic so they aren't easily chewed up and can be wiped down if necessary.  We have this brand in our living room.  I'll link to a few different ones in case you prefer a different height or material.

These stairs are slightly more expensive than the ones above but they have lots of color options.  They too are plastic so are hard to chew and are easily cleaned.  Just wanted to give a few options!

This is an adjustable ramp.  My son has this in his room to help the dogs get on and off his bed.  It's just another option to the stairs.

If you choose not to free feed, this is a great option that helps contain the mess!

Dachshunds are known for having issues with their teeth as they age.  We highly recommend brushing your dog's teeth on a very regular basis.  The key thing is that you have to use special toothpaste.  People toothpaste is toxic for dogs.  This is a great kit to get you started!

We often given nail clippers in your go home bag.  If you ever cut a little too much, this powder will stop the bleeding.  It's a good thing to have on hand.

This is a great harness and leash.  The harness comes in several sizes and colors!

We love the Snuggle Puppy!  It isn't a miracle worker but can help aid in crate training.  We use them for new puppies we add to our pack.  It has a heart beat and heat pack.  We definitely recommend if you don't have any other dogs at home.

Not every yard is fenced or can be fenced ( yard).  If you don't have a fence and are looking for a safe and easy way to keep your dog in your yard, we highly recommend this.  We use it here and love it.  We don't train our dogs on it until then are at least 6 months old and are big enough to wear the collars.  You can add as many collars as you wish.  It takes about 2 weeks to train your dog, instructions are included with the unit.  The other great feature is that it's portable and you take it camping, to your in-laws or anywhere you travel.

If you need extra collars to the wireless fence, here they are!  I won't disclose how many I own! 

You may want to consider an airtight, food storage bin.  We have one and use it all the time.  Just an idea!

Dachshunds are known to be lickers.  I have had some lick more than others.  This is a great option to let them lick something that isn't you!  It's a good enrichment item.  

In the beginning it's important to keep you puppy contained.  Gates are a great way to block areas that unsafe for your puppy to be unsupervised.  This is one is nice because it's wide and you and just swing it open and closed.  There is no hardware, so you don't have to worry about installation.  I'll post a few options.

We use this gate on our stairs.  It works well but you do have to install it. It's nice because it swings open and it's easy to open and close.

This is a pressure mounted gate.  It's easy to install and works well.  Just wanted to give another gate option.  

This is another pressure mounted gate.  This one is plastic and comes in 2 different color.  Super easy to install.

These are bells for the door.  They are an excellent training tool.  You can use them to teach your puppy to tell you when they want to go outside.

This is a bitter spray.  It can be used to help deter your puppy from chewing things you'd prefer them not to chew.  Distraction and redirection are best at helping to prevent your belongings from being chewed up but this can help too!

If only I had stock in poop bags!  These are a necessity!  Do you enjoy long walks?  If so, your 4 legged companion will love to join you.  When they relieve themselves it's common courtesy to clean up after them.   

Poop Bag Holders!  Great for clipping on your purse, belt loop or leash.  That way you have easy access to pick up after your baby.

This is what we use to bathe all our puppies.  We love that it's tear free. 

Dachshunds shed.  They are obviously the are the best breed ever but they do shed (we call it their glitter).  When they do, these are great to remove all the Dachshund glitter from your clothes!

All puppies and dogs have accidents.  When they do, this is one of the best cleaners.  We use it and it comes highly recommended from our other puppy parents.

Your furry friend will never go thirsty on the go. It's perfect for walks, hikes, and travel, making it an great addition to your dog's walking accessories. 

Ok, so this is not a need.  However, its a nice to have.  It's an easy way to clean the pee out of your carpets.  It's great for spot cleaning.  We actually had one of these but once we started breeding we upgraded to an industrial one!  lol

This section is for TOYS!  Your puppy will need different toys to stay entertained and to teeth on.  These are a few of our favorites.

This is hands down my dogs' favorite things to chew!  They're great because they're soft and won't break their teeth and they love to chew them.  In full disclosure, they are a little stinky when they're being chewed.  However, I'm willing to deal with a little stink to make them happy!

Nylabones are also a fan favorite here.  This is a great option because it's a variety box!  You should have a nice variety of soft and hard toys.  

More Nylabones!  These are great for puppies.

Bully sticks are an awesome treat for puppies and dogs.  This one comes with a holder to help your dog hold it.  I think it makes it easier for them.

This a bully stick holder without bully sticks!  Again, highly recommend these!

This is a classic kong.  We give one of these to all our puppy parents.  We use them to aid in crate training.  If you don't have one, you should get one!  All my dogs love chewing on these, especially when it has a treat inside.

This is a kong filler.  We also give a can of this to our new puppy parents.  We recommend putting a little in your kong and freezing it during the day and giving it to your puppy at bedtime.  Since it's frozen it will take them longer to eat and hopefully entertain and tucker them out.  

We're still working on this section!  I'm hoping to find a better way to display this than one huge page!  Stay tuned!

This section is you're looking for a way to keep your pup contained if you're not around to supervise:

You can configure this is many ways.  You can also choose a bottom to help protect your floors.  

Just another metal option.  This can also be configured in different ways.

This is what we use for our puppies.  This one has 6 panels.  You can buy extra panels if you want to make it bigger.  

These are extra panels for the pen directly above and below!

This is the same as the one we use but it has 8 panels and a door.  The pens we use all have doors.  

Click here to check out more pen options!

Our favorite washable pads are EZ whelp brand.  We use these all the times with all our litter.  They're super easy to wash an wear very well.

This is another EZ Whelp option but in a different patter.  They have several sizes to choose from.

This is another EZ Whelp option but in a different patterns.  They have several sizes to choose from.  These are 2 packs.

Click here for more washable Pee Pad options!

This section is for Travel Ideas:

If you plan on travelling with your puppy on a regular basis, we recommend a car seat!  This is a great, inexpensive option.

Another car seat option!  It's comfy and washable!

This is a 3 in 1 option.  A stroller, a car seat and a carrier.  The stroller also folds up.  

I'm going to link to a few strollers.  If you want a way to take your baby out before it's fully vaccinated this is a great way OR if you want to take your dogs out without fear of other dogs coming up to them you may want to consider a stroller.  This is the least expensive option on our list.  Or click Dog Strollers" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">here to browse tons of stroller options!

This is a multifunctional three-wheeled stroller. The pet rest area is covered with breathable nets to enjoy the fresh air and protect your pets from insects. Equipped with a storage basket for easy storage of items. The pet stroller can be folded easily and compactly enough to fit into the trunk of the car. It is a great choice for walking, jogging, and traveling. Bring your pet to enjoy outdoor activities with you.

This is the most expensive option and has lots of good reviews.  Again, if these options aren't what you're looking for click the button below for more options! 

If the above options aren't your cup of tea, click here to peruse tons of options!

This is for City Puppy Parents who don't have private yards

We always explain this at pickup but it's not safe for your puppy to be around other dogs until they are fully vaccinated.   They aren't considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their last shot which usually lands around 14-16 weeks.  If you have a private yard then you should be fine.  However, if you live in Boston, New York City or another large city and don't have a private yard we highly recommend the below products for potting to keep your puppy safe.  Once your puppy if fully vaccinated they can go anywhere!  However, its also nice to have an indoor option just in case.

We have used this in the past.  It's a 3 piece system and includes the turf and a tray (to protect your floors).  I recommend either having 2 or buying a piece of replacement turf so you can wash one and have one out for use.

This is piece of extra turf that is the same size as the tray above.  It's nice to have an extra so you can wash one and use one!

We recommend spraying this on the turf to help teach your puppy where to potty.  

Fresh Patch is cool product because it's actual grass sod.  It helps make the transition to real grass easier!  The only issues is that you may have to buy a new one every few weeks.   

This option comes with 2 turf pads and 2 pee pads.  While I haven't used this one personally, I think I'm going to try it in the future.  I like that it comes with a washable pad to absorb urine.

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