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Summit 4.JPG


Registered name:  Depot Dachsies The Mountains are Calling TLD
ee Cream, Dapple 

14 Pounds

Summit is the newest addition to our pack.  He carries for Chocolate and Piebald.  He is fitting in perfectly and gets along with everyone.   We're so excited for his future babies.  His OFA has been sent in.  We're just waiting for the results to be published! 


NOTE:  Because Summit had not sired a litter prior to coming to us, we were able to change his name.  That is why you'll see  "Green Acres" and not "Depot Dachsies" on a few of documents below. 

PRA: Clear

OFA Patellas: Normal (Coming Soon)

OFA Cardiac: Normal (Coming Soon)

DNA Testing: HERE

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