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Product Recommendations

This section is for food, treats and other edibles!  (Click on picture to shop)

Canidae All Stages.jpg

We feed Canidae here.  We use all stages Chicken for our dogs as we have pregnant Moms, babies and dogs of all ages.  All stages is technically a puppy food.  We give a 4 lb bag at pickup.  

We also use Canidae Puppy Pure with our puppies.  I like that the protein is Salmon.  We switch between this and all stages for our puppies.  

Puppy Pure.jpg
Zukes Minis.jpg

We love Zuke's treats for our dogs.  We don't want them to get too many calories from treats and these are small so it's perfect.  

This is another flavor of Zuke's.  They make several.  My dogs love these!

Zukes Minis Beef.jpg
Zesty Paw Salmon Oil.jpg

We put a few squirts of this in our dog's dry food every morning.   It's good for their skin and coats.  

This is the same as above but in a treat format.  

We use probiotics with all our Moms.  If your puppy has an upset stomach or loose poos, this is a great product.  I like this one because it's a tablet and the dogs think it's a treat.  (Disclaimer this isn't used to treat anything.  It's just a probiotic.)  

This is the same product as above but in a powder format.  It can be mixed in your pups food.  This one is 30 packets vs. the 90 tablets above.

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