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Product Recommendations

We HIGHLY recommend crate training.  Here are a few crates to consider:  (Click the picture to shop!)

This is the crate we mainly use.  It's easily cleanable and big enough to house your Dachshund when they're fully grown.

This is also a nice crate to have.  It's both top and front loading which makes using it very easy.  This is what we use to transport or dogs to the vet or if we have to take them in the car.  Mine are prone to car sickness and this crate is a breeze to clean.  I've also had clients put it in their bed while crate training. 

Some people would prefer to have their dog kennel "hide" in their home.  They make some really cool end table / night stand kennels.  There are lots of options in the space but this is a great idea if you don't like the look of a traditional crate or you don't have a great place for it in your home.

The last idea I have for you is a crate topper.  This is just a top that goes on top of your existing crate so that you can transform a regular crate into an end table or nightstand or whatever you'd like!

Wireless Outdoor Containment.  Not all yards are capable of being fenced (mine for example).  These are great products in that case.

 If you don't have a fence and are looking for a safe and easy way to keep your dog in your yard, we highly recommend this.  We use it here and love it.  We don't train our dogs on it until then are at least 6 months old and are big enough to wear the collars.  You can add as many collars as you wish.  It takes about 2 weeks to train your dog, instructions are included with the unit.  The other great feature is that it's portable and you take it camping, to your in-laws, if you move or anywhere you travel.  Note: You can buy 2 units to make an even larger radii.  We actually have 2.

If you need extra collars to the wireless fence, here they are!  I won't disclose how many I own!  They are rechargable and last almost forever!

Halo collars have great reviews.  I haven't used them (it's cost prohibitive for me) but I have friends who love them.  It's a GPS dog fence and there's an app for that!  This wireless pet fence keeps your dog safely inside the boundaries that you easily define and prevent them from leaving (unlike any other wireless fence for dogs, which only notifies you when they escape). Simply draw the boundaries on your smartphone.  You can also use your phone to track your pet.  

This section is you're looking for a way to keep your pup contained if you're not around to supervise:  (Click the picture to shop!)

You can configure this is many ways.  You can also choose a bottom to help protect your floors.  

Just another metal option.  This can also be configured in different ways.

This is what we use for our puppies.  This one has 6 panels.  You can buy extra panels if you want to make it bigger.  

These are extra panels for the pen directly above and below!

This is the same as the one we use but it has 8 panels and a door.  The pens we use all have doors.  

Click here to check out more pen options!

Our favorite washable pads are EZ whelp brand.  We use these all the times with all our litter.  They're super easy to wash an wear very well.

This is another EZ Whelp option but in a different patter.  They have several sizes to choose from.

This is another EZ Whelp option but in a different patterns.  They have several sizes to choose from.  These are 2 packs.

Click here for more washable Pee Pad options!

This section is for gates to keep your pet out of trouble!  
(Click the picture to shop!)

In the beginning it's important to keep you puppy contained.  Gates are a great way to block areas that unsafe for your puppy to be unsupervised.  This is one is nice because it's wide and you and just swing it open and closed.  There is no hardware, so you don't have to worry about installation.  I'll post a few options.

We use this gate on our stairs.  It works well but you do have to install it. It's nice because it swings open and it's easy to open and close.  My husband is a little handy and mounted part of it to a 2x4 to prevent drilling into our banister.  

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