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Product Recommendations

This is for City Puppy Parents who don't have private yards

We always explain this at pickup but it's not safe for your puppy to be around other dogs until they are fully vaccinated.   They aren't considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their last shot which usually lands around 14-16 weeks.  If you have a private yard then you should be fine.  However, if you live in Boston, New York City or another large city and don't have a private yard we highly recommend the below products for potting to keep your puppy safe.  Once your puppy if fully vaccinated they can go anywhere!  However, its also nice to have an indoor option just in case. (Click the pictures to shop!) 

We have used this in the past.  It's a 3 piece system and includes the turf and a tray (to protect your floors).  I recommend either having 2 or buying a piece of replacement turf so you can wash one and have one out for use.

This is piece of extra turf that is the same size as the tray above.  It's nice to have an extra so you can wash one and use one!

We recommend spraying this on the turf to help teach your puppy where to potty.  

Fresh Patch is cool product because it's actual grass sod.  It helps make the transition to real grass easier!  The only issues is that you may have to buy a new one every few weeks.   

This option comes with 2 turf pads and 2 pee pads.  While I haven't used this one personally, I think I'm going to try it in the future.  I like that it comes with a washable pad to absorb urine.

Another option is to use disposable pee pads.  My puppies like to destroy pee pads so a pee pad holder is a must!   

Our last indoor potty option is a washable pee pad.  We use these in our puppy pens.  They're easy to wash and wear very nicely.  My favorites are EZ Whelp pads...linked in the gear section.

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