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Welcome to Depot Dachsies!  We are a small in home breeder in Easton, MA.  We breed both long and smooth coat, AKC, miniature, tweenie and later next year standard Dachshunds.  We produce all colors except dilutes.  We also breed piebalds and dapples and very occasionally brindle! 


Our dogs and puppies are raised in our home and are a part of our family.  Our 3 children (9, 10 and 13) help  us socialize and play with all the dogs. We have 1.5 acres for our dogs to run around on and dig holes in!     


We breed for temperament and conformation.  We aim to produce high quality, loving pets.  We prefer to sell to pet homes with limited registrations and on spay and neuter contracts.  We rarely sell full rights and only to approved, small, in home breeders.  We breed for quality and not quantity.  We NEVER sell to pet stores, brokers or resellers.  We want loving and responsible homes for all our babies.     

The first step in our process is an application.  Feel free to download it on our forms page and email it to us be added to our wait list! 

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