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Upcoming Litters


Willow x Pixel


Expecting Chocolate and Tans, possibly Chocolate and Creams in solids and dapples

These pups are expected to be tweenies.

Due: Late/November


Sunny x Riley

Expecting all long hair, clear creams

These pups are expected to be tweenies.

Due: Early/December


Never x Pixel


Expecting smooth and long hair in any color.  Can be solid or dapple!

Due: Early/January


Greta x Boston


Expecting smooth and long, chocolate and tan, black and tan and red minis.


Due: Mid/January

Boston 2.jpg

Expected Litters
(Timing is our best guess)

1.) Malibu x ? expected February

Cream, Black and Cream

2.) Heidi x Pixel expected February

Smooth, Black and Tan, Red and Chocolate and tan

Solid and Dapple

Mini Size

3.) Peanut x Pixel expected February

Smooth Coat, Chocolate and Tan

Solid, Piebald and Dapple

Mini Size

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